Iron Man 3: Theatre gold

A year since his last appearance in The Avengers, Tony Stark returns to the third installment of the Iron Man series. Iron Man 3 is the best movie of the series by far.

I simply loved The Avengers because many different movies converged into one story. Iron Man 3 is just a break from The Avengers tale.

The director, Shane Black, includes references to the plot of The Avengers and a cameo of Stan Lee, typically found in all Marvel movies. This combination made me feel as if the movie was a part of a much bigger world; I was submerged in the Marvel world.

I’ve seen both Iron Man 1 & 2. The strong mix between comedy and action continued in Iron Man 3 with many unexpected jokes.

The biggest problem I had with Iron Man 3 was the beginning. Black brought the audience straight into the situation. Tony Stark and the government already had knowledge of the villain, the Mandarin. I prefer seeing a peaceful setting before it gets disrupted by the antagonist creating conflict.

Anxiety attacks are a recurring problem Tony Stark must deal with throughout the movie. These attacks bothered me because I couldn’t fully remembered what happened in the other movies that caused his pain.

The Mandarin is an unknown terrorist that threatens the President’s life by hacking into government systems. Traditionally, though, the Mandarin is someone who breathes fire and rapidly regenerates.

To escape the pain of anxiety and sleep deprivation, Tony Stark stays up all night to invent new Iron Man models. Seeing the variety of Iron Man suits he creates is one of my favorite features in the movie.

Until The Great Gatsby comes out, I would say this is the best movie in theatres and one that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.


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