Google Glass review


After completing my original article pertaining to Google’s latest product, I started to think about how a technology of this sort would impact me, an 18-year-old female about to enter the world of college.

But then I had to stop myself. I don’t think Google Glass will even get the chance to impact me because this piece of technology will not make it.

Take a moment to think back to the Segway.

Genius idea, no? Well, I won’t speak for everyone, but I’ve never actually seen a Segway in person. If it was such a genius idea, shouldn’t packs of segways in every color, shape and size be meandering through the streets in place of walkers?

I see a similar scenario playing out for Google Glass.

Google says the glasses will contain features enabling GPS, but so does the Iphone. Google says the glasses will be able to take photos and videos instantly, but so does the Iphone. Google can “share what you see live,” but so does the Iphone. It’s called FaceTime.

So basically, Google is not introducing a new product. They are introducing a new way to display the things that we already have in a handheld device.

It is easy for me to say all these things as I do not own a pair of the glasses. But even as I think about situations where the glasses may be helpful, I still don’t see how they would offer me anything new or revolutionary that my Iphone cannot.

I picture myself sitting in my first college classes, trying to absorb too much information in not enough time. While I study for the upcoming test, I stumble upon a name or concept I do not remember. I reckon could ask Glass, but couldn’t I also use my Iphone’s internet access to search the same information in the same amount of time?

If I were ever to attend a party (which I don’t see myself doing, but for the sake of this article I will continue with this example) and were to participate in the humiliating events of the occasion, there is a possibility that the events of the night may end up on the Internet for all to see, never to be erased no matter how hard one tries. The only difference being, with a cell phone recording, the chances of being seen are much greater than if one is wearing glasses and simply says “record.”

I am aware of the benefits that come with Google Glass, but it’s not new. The Iphone can do everything, and more, that the glasses can. Until Google can design a revolutionary device that has something new to contribute to the tech world, this concept will not make it.


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