Frat/Srat Life

Fraternities and Sororities are a way for college students to “do it all”. Frats and Srats are for college students that like to be well-rounded and experience all that there is to experience in college life. They are known for having generally good-looking, well-dressed (mostly very preppy), academic, service-oriented, and of course, socially-involved members.

There are many events that occur at Frats/Srats, and they occur often. There are many fun events that occur — including but not limited to frat/srat mixers, formals, semis, tailgating, casual parties, and various competitions between frats/srats.

However, the first and most important event for incoming college freshmen to know about is rushing.

Rushing varies between all fraternities and sororities. Frats and srats have a certain traditions based on their founders and history, and they always stick to those traditions. They have different ways to do things, different initiations, and different rituals during rushing.

Basically, rushing is the way that you get into a fraternity or sorority. Before attending your college’s rush, you must fill out an application and submit it to that college’s Interfraternity or Panhellenic Council.

It really helps if you have a family member or a good friend previously or currently in the sorority, especially if that friend or family member was an officer or held an important role in that sorority. They can be a good reflection on you and this could make the frat/srat really want to choose you as one of their members. However, this is not an automatic in; some fraternities and sororities purposely try to stay away from letting people in based on legacy.

Rushing varies based on the area and school. In a large southern school it will most likely be a very formal and highly regarded event. Where in a smaller northern school, it may be more casual and laid-back.

Rushing is structured in rounds. Rushees will go through different rounds in which they will meet with sisters from different sororities and listen to sisters talk and perform skits. At the end of the round the rushees will pick their top frats/srats and vice versa. The better of the rushees will move on to the next round. This will continue until rushing finally ends on bid day.

On bid day, the fraternity brothers and sorority sisters decide on who their incoming members will be. All of the chosen rushees will be handed an envelope with a letter inside telling them what frat(s)/srat(s) they have been chosen for. Lucky rushees may be invited to more than one frat/srat, in which they get to pick which one they will join.

The rushing process can be fun but intimidating. However, if you intend to enjoy a fraternity or sorority while at college, it will pay off for you in the long run if you are accepted.

Greek life is often the best part of many college students’ experience.


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