Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022
People after school at the chess interest meeting focus intensely on playing the game. If you are interested in joining chess club, talk to Mr. Robinson in room 135.

Chess club held its first interest meeting on Thursday, April 18. Students interested and passionate about chess gathered to play and share information about chess.

Mr. Robinson, drafting teacher and founder of chess club, has been playing chess since he was 11 years old. He says chess club welcomes everyone no matter their skill level. “We welcome anyone who enjoys the game,” he said. “Chess is a thinking game and develops thinking and problem solving skills. It makes you concentrate, and those skills can be later transferred to other aspects of your life.”

A few kids in Robinson’s class had been asking about a chess club at Leesville for a while, so they finally decided to create one. With 10 people present, it was a perfect size for a mini tournament.

The first thing the club did was dive into a match. Current chess club member Kristen Hommel has been playing chess since she was ten. “[Chess] is kind of like poker; maintain a poker face so that your opponent won’t see the checkmate coming. It’s a game of wit, all about mentality and cleverness,” said Hommel.

Hommel patiently explained what each piece was called, where they could move and when the game was over to members who had very little idea of how to play.

Everyone in the club was very supportive of other members. They all knew trivia about the history of chess, such as it used to be called the Game of Kings because it taught princes how to strategize in war, as well as that the game originated in India.

If you have never played chess before, take a chance and swing by the next meeting, held every Thurs. What do you have to lose (besides your king)?

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