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April 26, 2013 — Senator Kay Hagan, D-NC, visited Leesville to speak about a bill she will soon be introducing to the Senate.

Senator Kay Hagan, D-North Carolina, holds a press conference at LRHS’s library. She was on campus to promote new personal finance legislation.

Hagan, a former NC Senator who was elected to the US Senate in 2008, is working on a bill that will require students across the US to be educated in personal finance literacy by taking a course similar to Entrepreneurship, offered at Leesville.

The senator started her morning at Leesville in Ms. Holly Laird’s Entrepreneurship class. After observing for 30 minutes, Hagan and her staff held a press conference in the media center, which was kicked off by short speeches from Dr. A.J. Mutillo, Leesville’s principal and Ms. Laird. There were also speeches from Leslie Walden, a representative of Fidelity Investments, and Sandy Wheat, executive director of the North Carolina Council on Economic Education.

The junior senator from NC began outlining her bill and stressing the importance of financial literacy among students. According to Hagan, only four states across the US have schools that teach personal financial literacy for an entire semester and expressed her desire to change that.

Hagan spoke of teaching financial literacy to students of all ages — starting in elementary school — to ensure they’re prepared before graduation, where the threat of student loans and paying for college becomes real for students across the US. Understanding personal finance before undertaking those loans is essential to students, Hagan believes.

Hagan concluded swiftly after a few questions and left to continue gaining support for her bill.

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