Women’s lacrosse starts inaugural season


For her junior year, Grace Landsberg wanted to do something spectacular. She wanted to make her mark on Leesville. So for this year, Landsberg decided she was going to be one of the founders of the women’s lacrosse team.

“Lacrosse is so intense and fun, and I know a lot of other girls wanted to play since the boys team was made, so I said why not,” said Landsberg.

But Landsberg wasn’t the only one pushing for a girls lacrosse team.

Megan Demarco, senior, spoke with her friends about starting a team.

“The word spread throughout the senior class until it spread through the school. A lot of girls were interested in learning,” said Demarco.

“We set up practices and little sessions at Springdale over the summer for girls who were interested in playing and learning how to play,” said Landsberg.

Although Demarco can not play due to other commitments, the team will still be chock full of girls who are eager to learn and play.

And as the school year finally rolled into the spring semester, the women’s lacrosse team finally set up a coaching staff led by athletic director Jack Rodgers.

Womens lacrosse tryouts were held on February 13, 14 and 15. Join the Facebook group, Leesville Women’s Lacrosse 2012/2013, for updates on games and other information.


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