Successmaker creates personalized learning


Leesville is adopting a revolutionary new online educational software– Successmaker.

Successmaker focuses improving math and literacy skills for elementary, middle and high schools students. The program strives to create personalized learning.

Successmaker correlates to Common Core standards and the ability to engage students through interactive games. It is designed to meet students at the level of math or English they are, and tracks their improvements for the future.

Leesville teachers and students are experiencing the program first hand.

Ms. Amerson, Leesville English teacher, said, “I like Successmaker so far. It helps differentiate student’s reading levels when they begin the program, and projects where they will be over time.”

Mr. Gaston, Leesville Math teacher, and Amerson describe Successmaker as a helpful tool for ESL students.

Fransisco Lopez, freshman, feels Successmaker is a great tool that has helped him improve his math and English skills. “I’ve improved a lot because of successmaker. I want to go to college, and I think that will be possible now.”

Rachel Dudas, freshman, also thinks that Successmaker is a valuable tool.

“I want to read at a ninth grade level, and I feel like I’ll be able to now because of successmaker. It’s helped me recognize context clues and interpret stories better,” said Dudas.

Successmaker is inspiring students to learn and reach their goals.


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