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Reluctant to try Travinia twice

The interior of Travinia is simply impressive; it includes warm wood and stone details that create a lovely atmosphere. Live music can be heard ringing through the dining room on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Upon walking through the rustic threshold of Travinia, the warm atmosphere was unmistakable. Combined accents of leather, wood and stone produced the feeling of a Northern Californian vineyard. The ambiance was incredible, thanks to the low lighting and articulate mix of textures in the dining room.

As were we seated in a cramped booth by a lackluster hostess, I continued to soak in the beautiful atmosphere of the rich Italian smells accompanied by an incredible venue. We were a party of six, and the U-shaped booth we were in was not accommodating to the size of our party or the dynamic of our conversation.

After looking over the extensive, yet enticing menu, I was left overwhelmed in my quest for a tasty meal. My friend and I decided to split the spinach and goat cheese salad as an appetizer, while I chose the eggplant parmesan for my entree.

Our patient waitress brought out a superb loaf of herbed bread, as we waited for our salads.

For a split salad, I was impressed by the portion and amount of goat cheese I was given. The salad was very fresh, and the lightly-fried goat cheese was a treat to my taste buds. Right upon finishing the salad, my eggplant parm was brought out on a large round plate. Three small medallions of eggplant and conservative amount of pasta were garnished in cheese, red sauce and a basil leaf which was pleasing to the eye. However the experience declined from there.

Cutting the eggplant, I noticed an unusual toughness that could be found in an undercooked steak–I paid no mind to it. But, after taking my first bite, I was totally displeased. The tough eggplant, topped with tasteless cheese and horrendous red sauce was a disappointing combination to say the least. As my friend devoured his rigatoni with braised short rib bolognese sauce, I sat struggling to get my awful dish down my gullet.

True Italian red sauce is no mere tomato puree from a can, it requires years to perfect the wonderful balance of spices and herb. But unfortunately, Travinia’s marinara tasted like a watery version of the former.

I’d be willing to give Travinia a second chance, only because of the quality of my salad and the beautiful atmosphere. I do not recommend the eggplant parmesan, but the rigatoni with braised short rib bolognese sauce was a definite crowd-pleaser as well as the spinach and goat cheese salad which salvaged my dining experience.


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