20th Anniversary of World Trade Center bombing needs more attention


February 26, 1993. 20 years ago. 6 deaths. More than one thousand injured.

Barely anyone remembers the first act of terrorism against the World Trade Center. Compared to the infamous plane attacks 8 years later, the car bomb set off under the North Tower seems miniscule in importance.

But it is important.

I didn’t know anyone who died in the attack, and I wasn’t going to be born for another couple years. But to the families of the six people who did die, the day will forever live in infamy for them.

And it’s an important day for America.

Concocted mainly by Ramzi Yousef, an Al Qaeda member, the car bomb was the first major strike of Islamic terrorism on US soil.

The bombing was also the tipping point for the war against terrorism, and it made the United States wary that they couldn’t underestimate other countries, no matter how small or far away the country is.

Plus, 20 years ago, the government didn’t realize it was Al Qaeda who was creating terrorism on America. For example, Al Qaeda helped Somali warlords attack the U.S. in the “Black Hawk Down” battle and, the government failed to name and locate the group even though it was established in the late 80s.

Ultimately, the bombing on the World Trade Center in 1993 is in the shadow of 9/11 attacks that happened 8 years later; however, this bombing was a foreshadow for it.

Many students, even some of my friends, didn’t even know the North Tower was attacked before 9/11. Of those who knew, they were unaware of the date or any facts.

Students know more details and facts about the 9/11 attack than the 1993 bombing. Both should be taught in schools. Both should be given a moment of silence in remembrance. Lastly, both should be remembered as terror attacks and treated so.

For more information on these attacks, this article (published the day after the attack by the New York Times) and this photo essay published by the Denver post.


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