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The Following is a new TV drama on FOX. The show follows the chase to stop a serial killing cult.
The Following is a new TV drama on FOX. The show follows the chase to stop a serial killing cult.

Kevin Bacon, most famous as the resident bad boy dancer in Footloose, is starring in his first TV show, The Following.

The show centers on a charismatic yet psychotic serial killer, Joe Carroll, played by James Purefoy, who has started a cult of demented followers obsessed with Edgar Allen Poe and the beauty of killing. Orchestrating everything from prison, Carroll creates his so-called “story” and casts Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) as the protagonist. Hardy, ex-FBI agent and the man who put Carroll in jail, must figure out how to stop this clever, elaborate killing spree.

The dramatic series began fast-paced and suspenseful and hasn’t slowed. Two episodes in, The Following has provided one unsuspecting turn after another; I could not get through the commercials fast enough.

Crime show fanatics will devour The Following, seeing as it like Criminal Minds on steroids. However, viewer discretion is definitely advised. All the killings are rather gruesome featuring massive amounts of blood. All the murders were stabbings and often the eyes were cut out because they are thought to be the “windows to the soul.” This cult of serial killers worships Edgar Allen Poe and Carroll as gods, following everything they say.

Bacon convincingly portrays his dark, complex character, Hardy, who is definitely in need of some anger-management classes.  Through his harsh tongue, violent actions, and Sherlock Holmes like demeanor, Bacon, once again, fully delves into his character. In his first TV show, Bacon seems to have hit a hit.


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