Tue. Aug 16th, 2022
The NC State Cheerleading Squad performs a routine for a packed Leesville gym. The event held teams from high schools around Wake County.

On Saturday, February 2, Leesville hosted a large cheerleading competition for all Wake County schools in the main gym. The Pride also competed; the varsity squad finished in second in their division while the junior varsity did not place.

Adam Subasic, first-year cheerleader and senior, discovered a new experience in his first competition. “There was a lot of hype, and it was really upbeat. It was really exciting, and there were a lot of teams there. It was a really new experience for me,” said Subasic.

The event ran all day and covered a series of divisions from large co-ed teams to smaller all-girl squads. At 12:30, the junior varsity went on while the varsity team cheered at 4:30. Both teams showed up to the other team’s performance and helped cheer them on.

As the day progressed, the main gym and parking lots gradually filled up. The main gym became packed and loud as parents, friends and coaches of the cheerleaders joined to witness the competition.

“It kinda makes you realize all the work you’ve put into it,” said Subasic. “It’s a lot more than people see. When they think of cheerleaders, they think of them on the side of the football field. It’s a lot more than that.”

To provide further entertainment, the NC State cheerleading squad demonstrated one of their routines to an enthusiastic crowd. The main cheerleading team attended the NC State basketball game that afternoon, so instead, the crowd saw the smaller cheerleading subgroup.

The event also offered a “special division” in which the Garner Trojans competed with an autistic student. In front of a deafening standing ovation, the Garner Trojans were awarded the top prize.

Altogether, the competition was successful, and Leesville proved that it can host large events like this one in the future.

“It [the competition] gathered a lot of people. Obviously, it brought in revenue but it brought the Leesville community closer and made other schools realize what we’re all about,” said Subasic.

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