Blood Drive preview


Leesville is preparing for its second blood drive on March 6th. Students eligible for donating are encouraged to participate to save lives in the local community.

Students who are 16 and older need to meet certain height and weight standards. O-Type blood donors are especially encouraged to donate.

Snacks and drinks are provided at the drive. At the end of their donations, the donors also receive T-shirts.

For donors, athletes especially, eating nutritiously the day before the blood drive is crucial. Consuming essential nutrients will ensure a comfortable donation.

There are 2 main types of donations available: single unit or double red. Both processes usually take an hour to 90 minutes.

For double red donation, the blood will go to younger children and burned victims. This procedure requires a separate form to fill out.

For those who wish to participate, permission slips are available in room 240. Once filled out, return the forms to room 240 or to Mrs. Eastman in 121. For those under 18, a parent’s signature is required.


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