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Swimmers launch themselves into the pool during the swim meet on December 4. Swimmers are disqualified if they leave the wall before the starting signal.

They boarded the bus at 5 o’clock, ready to swim.  The Leesville swimming team faced off against Panther Creek, Cary and Athens Drive on December 4, 2012.

The night began as it always did, with stretching followed by a brief 15 minute warm-up in the pool.  As the stands filled, the teams did various cheers in order to “pump up” before the first event.

The buzzer sounded, and the first swimmers launched themselves into the pool, ready to fight for glory, honor and points.  In relay events, the points assigned are 18, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2.  Individual events award these values divided by 2.

Following several hours of tense competition which included great performances by Petch Lamson, Cody Close, Will Countie, Zachary Nicol and Jacob Montgomery.  The Men’s team earned 4th place with 98 points to Cary’s 168, Panther Creek’s 129 and Athens Drive’s 117.  This low score was due to the Men’s team only having 12 members present at the meet, as several of the swimmers were preparing for Junior Nationals.

The Women’s competition was equally as suspenseful, which included considerable performances by Maggie Feltman, Rachel Stephenson, Erin McCauley, Lindsey Arata and Jacalyn Schoening.  The Women finished the night in 3rd place with 120 points to Cary’s 147, Panther Creek’s 134 and Athens Drive’s 112.

The swim team won’t let this loss upset their bid for a great season.  “This wasn’t really a ‘loss,’” said Sean Yeh, junior, “this was a setback.”

“I feel like any meet that seems like a ‘setback’ or a ‘loss’ should be considered “part of the journey,” said Emily Izquierdo, swim team coach, via email.  “Each season is a journey with ups and downs.  As a coach, seeing the swimmers & divers work together well as a team is my favorite part of the journey.”

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