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CSA meets the second and fourth Thursday of every month in the Career Center. The CSA advisor is Mrs. Canada.
CSA meets the second and fourth Thursday of every month in the Career Center. The CSA advisor is Mrs. Canada.

The Christian Students Association — or CSA — met Thursday, January 10 to discuss faith with their peers.

Erin Hutchinson, junior and club co-president, ran the meeting, which included a short game and small discussion.

CSA is similar to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, but smaller and with meetings after school at Leesville.

Hutchison joined CSA her freshman year, after a fellow band member approached her about the club. Hutchison enjoyed her first meeting, so, sophomore year, she became an officer.

“We all bonded with each other really quickly,” said Hutchison of her fellow members.

Mrs. Canada, who works in the career center, is the club adviser and says the club is a safe place for Christian students.

“It’s just a good place to come together and know there are other Christian students who have the same values,” said Canada.

Travis Cohen, senior and co-president, says he joined CSA because of his mission as a Christian — to spread the name of Jesus.

Brooks Maynard joined the club partly for the same reason as Cohen but also because a lot of his friends are in the club.

“Sometimes it’s hard to find a Christian community, so I joined as many as possible,” said Maynard.

The meeting began with a game. Cohen named words from Urban Dictionary and everyone had to try to define them, no matter how bizarre the words seemed. After all the words had been listed, members went around the table naming their definitions, some of which were pretty far off from the Urban Dictionary version.

The second half of the meeting consisted of a talk, led by Hutchison, about faith. Cohen responded with an anecdote of his own, then Canada approached the group about volunteering for an old woman who needed the leaves blown from her lawn. Following a short prayer, the meeting was adjourned.

For students seeking out a Christian community at Leesville, CSA is the perfect place — an open community filled with people who see eye-to-eye and get along.


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