French club visits Matisse exhibit

The French club takes a group picture in front of the art museum.
The French club takes a group picture in front of the art museum.

Leesville’s French Club took their first outing of the school year by visiting Duke’s Nasher Museum of Art on Thursday Dec. 6.

Nineteen French Club members and non-members viewed the Cone Sisters’ collection of Matisse works and those of other artists. However, they were not limited to seeing just traditional artwork as the docents showed them various modern pieces as well.

Jill Schuler, freshman, said, “I like a lot of art, especially Matisse.” Like Jill, many students went on the trip to get more involved in the club. “I was able to get to know some of the upperclassmen on the bus ride there.”

The field trip not only taught the members about French culture and art, but it brought its members together.

“We wanted to change up our outing this year. Last year we saw Les Mis, so this was a really cool trip,” said Thomas Theunissen, senior and co-vice president of the club. “This trip really expanded our horizons.”

Schuler said she learned about different types of art and Matisse. “I can now tell which pieces are by Matisse or not.”

Some of the pieces the club saw were titled, “Interior, Flowers, and Parakeets” by Matisse, “Festival of Flowers” by Matisse, and “Woman with Mango” by Gaugin.

The club learned more about French artists while creating a great sense of camaraderie between members.  


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