Winterfest Assembly starting auditions for 2013

Seth Fulmer practices guitar in preparation for this year's Winterfest Assembly. Auditions begin December 13.
Seth Fulmer practices guitar in preparation for this year’s Winterfest Assembly. Auditions begin December 13.

Winterfest assembly audition forms were released to the public on Wednesday, Nov. 28. Mrs. Brammer, in collaboration with Senior Class Council, is leading the assembly this year.

Auditions for acts will be on December 13, followed by Emcee auditions on the 18.

Mrs. McGarry, who was in charge of the assembly last school year, feels the assembly is important because it gives students the chance to showcase their otherwise hidden talents to their fellow peers.

These uncovered talents are something for the Leesville community to be proud of. Students like Seth Fulmer, senior and assembly performer two years back, set aside his shy exterior and sang, with guitar, for the school.

Hardly anyone knew of Fulmer’s musical abilities; in fact, most of the other performers made their debut. The same goes for last year, and every year to come. These new discoveries and hidden abilities are something for the rest of the school to take pride in. Who needs Scotty McCreery when Leesville has an entire school full of talented students?

The Senior Class Council confirmed the “Outer Space” theme earlier in the school year. Claire Coward, Council president, says, “We’re going for more of a futuristic outer space theme–kind of like in the Zenon movies. We’re still planning it, but we think it will be a really fun theme.”

“It had been suggested as a theme for last year’s assembly but was beat out by the ‘World Wide Web’, so we already knew we wanted it as the theme for this year,” says Coward. “We have so much talent at Leesville so we’re excited for the assembly to showcase some great acts!”

The Winterfest Assembly is not only for students with musical talents. Grace McLeod, senior, and Demaris Bates, senior, performed a hula-hoop routine in last year’s assembly.

This year’s assembly will be held on February 22 in the gym during the school day.


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