Skyfall Brought Down the Roof

Although the poster for the new 007 movie, Skyfall, did not reveal much about the plot, it was quite fetching. The movie told the story of a past betrayal in the MI6, and how the past can come back to haunt you.

With a legacy of classic James Bond movies setting a high standard, the latest 007 film seemed promising. With the trailer for Skyfall packed full of action sequences, steamy romance scenes, and glimpses of a betrayal, it appeared to be a movie that would appeal to all. However, it simply did not live up to expectations.

The overall plot of the film revolved around a missing flash drive containing the names and identities of every MI6 agent, both those on the field and off. When Bond returns from his “vacation” to investigate, he reveals some shocking truths about MI6 and its dark history.

Although the poster for the new 007 movie, Skyfall, did not reveal much about the plot, it was quite fetching. The movie told the story of a past betrayal in the MI6, and how the past can come back to haunt you.

Bond stumbles upon a shocking discovery which changes his opinion of M forever. The spectral figure manipulating the MI6 from behind the shadows turns out to be a spy with a vendetta against the MI6, and M especially. The man, codenamed Silva, holds the all-important flashdrive within his grasp, threatening to reveal the identities of every MI6 agent if the organization did not cooperate.

The plot and heart of the tale is furthered by the title of the film, “Skyfall”; it could be interpreted to signify the collapse of everything that is well and good, making it feel as if the sky itself is falling down around you. This is very much what began to happen to M.

After Silva began targeting M in a mad quest for revenge, M’s viability and ideals were put into question by the Prime Minister, as well as other prominent members of the British government. Her misfortunes reached a climax as she was forced to flee the country to Bond’s childhood home in Scotland after a near-successful assassination attempt on her life.

Taken literally, the name “Skyfall” applied to Bond’s life in a very personal way; Bond’s childhood home, a mansion named Skyfall, was the location of his parents’ murders. Witnessing that event had a traumatic impact on the rest of his life. Not only does his dilapidated mansion symbolize the collapse of everything well and good in M’s life, but also it encompasses the desolation of Bond’s past as well.

The movie was very enjoyable, drawing the viewer in with an intensity that captured the imagination and left one breathless with exhilaration.. However, when walking out of the theater, there seemed to be something missing, leaving a feeling as if something just wasn’t complete in the movie.

Maybe it was because of the spontaneous sex scenes that occurred on multiple occasions, seemingly for no reason, the first being with a enemy woman. There were also many scenes where it seemed possible that Bond and his partner would throw off their clothes as well.

This is one of the things that contributed majorly to the sense of vacancy. These scenes were so random and unpredictable that they merely seemed pointless, rather than adding to the overall effect of the movie. Yes, I realize that this feature is a common event in each of Bond’s films, but it did not add to the movie for me.

Another factor could have been the mystery of Silva’s sexual orientation. When Silva finally appears and approaches Bond after capturing him, he began…well, feeling Bond up as he was talking to him. And yet at other times there were indications that Silva “rolled straight”. This also seemed a bit pointless to the overall plot progression of the film.

Altogether, though, it was very entertaining. The acting was very convincing, and the characters were well cast for their roles. Although there was that one mysterious element missing from it, the movie was altogether satisfactory, and I highly recommend it both to Bond veterans and first-time “Bond”-ers.


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