Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
Students watch a demo run of CFR truck. RDU has a complex network of emergency services to prevent mayhem at the airport especially during busy months or holidays.

On Friday, Nov 16, forty Aerospace students traveled to Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) to explore Raleigh’s best runways and airplanes. The biannual trip visits many behind-the-scene looks at how the airport operates.

For many students, this trip was a new experience. Shy Whittingham said, “We went to the army base, the fire station and the hangers. The airport hangars were the most interesting out of everything I saw.”

The class witnessed heavy duty CFR firetrucks, National Guards and plenty of Apache helicopters.

The firefighters displayed how the CFR firetrucks work in a demonstration in which they drove down a taxiway while blasting out hundreds of gallons of water. During the demonstration, students were told not to cross a thick white line; doing so incur a $10000 fine.

A visit to the National Guard highlighted the trip for some because the students were able to see Apache helicopters. The National Guard gave the students a tour of the $20 million helicopter’s mechanics. In the process, students learned about the amount of maintenance they require and what the government uses them for.

Interactive field trips such as this one help students learn outside the classroom while experiencing real-life applications of the classroom material. RDU field trips have become a tradition for the Aerospace students. For many, this field trip is on the top of their most memorable moments.

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