Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
A Jostens representative helps several students at the Jostens stand on October 2. Jostens was selling graduations caps, gowns and announcements, as well as class rings.

Every October, Jostens has a stand in the main lobby during all lunches to sell class rings and graduation supplies, which include announcements, caps and gowns.

Class rings are used by students to represent the pride they feel in their schools.  Besides class rings, students could also buy Graduation announcements.  In order to buy announcements, students are required to give a 60 dollar deposit to Jostens.

Caps and gowns are symbols of graduation and accomplishment.  “It’s a big cloak thing,” said Thomas. Caps and gowns originated in the 12th century when early universities were just now being formed, and have since spread to most countries in the world.

The most common question involving these products is the cost, however, they are well worth the price, considering the sentimental value.  Class rings range from 80 dollars up to several hundred depending on the materials used, as well as the stone and decorations.

Announcements are around a dollar per card, and caps and gowns change prices every year.

In short, Jostens offers a variety of products to be bought by students that help them connect with their school, either through spirit or graduation.

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