New member of Homecoming court to be crowned


Homecoming is always a busy time of year for all those involved. There are football games, dances, pep rallies and of course, the crowning of homecoming queen.

Announcement of homecoming queen is an important event, especially to the girls on homecoming court. The girls get all dressed up and parade onto the field with an escort, usually their father or another member of their family. However, in past years, the queen has been missing one thing: a king.

This year, Leesville staff has decided to introduce the concept of having a homecoming king. Many clubs and all of the student class councils have elected not only a female representative, but also a male representative.

The eligible nominees for Homecoming King are: Brian Campoli, Preston Nix, Nick Dorsey, Jake Cowart, Thomas Theuissen, Kordell Draper, Scott Kreis and Brendan Marks.

“It is an honor to represent my class. It’s a good chance to walk on the field and feel like you’re representing something,” said Preston Nix, senior Homecoming king nominee.

This is the first year that Leesville boys have had a chance to take pride in representing their class.

Senior boys are the only ones that are allowed to be elected king. However, freshman, sophomore and junior boys all still have a chance to be represented.

At the lunches, they will set up a booth in which seniors will be able to elect their Homecoming King and Queen on a ballot during spirit week.

“[I am excited to be on sophomore court] to get represented in front of the whole school”, said Connor Rhodes, sophomore representative. “I think that it will [increase] the spirit of the school.”

Homecoming is an exciting time, especially for class representatives. Because of the new addition of Homecoming King, boys can now take part in this important Leesville tradition.


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