JV football looks forward to the rest of the season

Dave Pyper addresses the team after a win over Jordan while players listen intently. Pyper referred to this focus as “buying in” to getting better.

“The goal we established at the beginning of the season was to develop players and move kids up to varsity,” said Dave Pyper, coach. The team has suffered from illnesses and injuries which are keeping them from reaching their full potential.

Pyper also said that his players have “come together and really bought in to try to get better.” Coaches have seen athletes grow through the season as the freshmen on the team try to understand the complexity of the game and condition themselves to build up the stamina to be able to play a whole game.

Nolan Schachle, a wideout, has worked all season on doing whatever needs to be done to make the team better. This mentality is exactly what Coach Pyper has been preaching to his players.

“I’ve gotten better from the beginning of the season,” said Schachle. The team as a whole has learned more about the game according to Schachle.

Other players, including Daniel Nance, sophomore, would agree with Schachle. “I feel like I have improved not only my physical strength, but my mental strength. I feel like I have more will-power on the field and more focus.”

As of October 1 the JV football team is 2-2. “We’re looking forward to finishing off the season strong,” said Nance.


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