Changes to come to men’s basketball


Major changes are coming to the basketball program. Coach Frazier will coach the men’s varsity team for the 2012-2013 season. Previously he coached for Northwood High and helped the team defend two championship titles.

Last year under Coach Brewington, the Pride went 6-8-0 in the conference and 10-13-0 overall his fifth year as head coach. They are currently sixth in the CAP-8 in preseason power rankings.

Athletes are optimistic the team will regain dominance in the conference. “I suspect we’ll make it to the finals definitely next year,” said Michael Hopkins, junior, who played for varsity last season.

“He [Coach Frazier] seems to know what he is doing,” said Anfernee Bennerman, sophomore and JV player.

A new season and coach means new opportunity, and athletes are taking preparations seriously. Hopkins, explaining their routine, said, “This year, we’re doing more lifting and skill development.”

After asked of any star players player likely to carry the team throughout the season, Bennerman said, ”We have Shaheim Pettaway. He helped us stay in the game.”

Hopkins said “Well it is really a team effort than anything else.”

So where will the basketball team stand for the winter 2012-2013 season? LHRS will have to wait until November to find out. A combination of team effort and a few outstanding players will aid the men’s varsity team success for the season.


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