Bowling team strikes Leesville

Leesville’s new Bowling Club held their first meeting on October 2 at AMF Bowling Center. The club quickly evolved into a team that plans to compete against other schools’ bowling teams.

Rebecca Hawthorne, senior and bowling team member, said, “I just planned to go to the first meeting to bowl and hang out with my friends, but after taking some pointers from our advisor, I was told I made the team.”

The club has no president and the team is coached by Mike Stanton, a professional bowler. The club welcomes anyone who wants to bowl, but only the best bowlers make the team. The practices and club meetings are held on the same days, but the team bowls on separate lanes from the club goers. The “A team” and “B team,” similar to varsity and junior varsity, will be chosen based on each player’s scores and ability to commit to the team.

Hawthorne, said, “We play games and learn strategy and form and how to better pick up strikes and spares.”

The team’s intensive schedule includes practice every Tuesday, with competitions each Wednesday. The team will receive new bowling jerseys that represent the Pride.

Ashley Riggs, PE coach and club advisor, said, “[Bowling Club] was made for just enjoying the game, as well as competing.”

Mike Stanton, coach, focuses on team camaraderie. Hawthorne said, “We all get along really well, and the better bowlers always cheer on [those who] aren’t as good.”

“I just want to have some fun with friends and pick up a new sport,“ said Hawthorne

When asked about her goals for the team, Riggs said, “We’re going for the state championship.”


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