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Leesville Pride launches into new school year

Students, new and returning, crowd in lobby at the end of the Pride Launch. Leesville is welcoming over 750 new students to the school this year.

On Aug. 23, Leesville Road had its third annual Pride Launch to welcome rising freshman and transfer students to the school.

After signing in and receiving a colored folder determined by their lunch period (blue, green, white or black), the new students were offered an assortment of snacks and beverages as they filed into the cafeteria to mingle with one another.

Members of the Leesville Liaisons and Executive Council were also present to answer questions that any new students or parents may have had.

The students were then herded to the gym where Executive Council led them in games and activities to “break the ice” and ease any nervousness they were experiencing. In addition, they lead a skit about the dress code, taught the new students the Leesville fight song and gave out free T-shirts as well as footballs.

During this time the Liaisons gathered to discuss the game plan for that morning’s tour groups.

Once the fun in the gym was over, a large group of students were brought to the cafeteria to begin their tour of the school.

The tour consisted of walking through both the main building and Murphy building while the Liaisons explained the basic layout of the school and answered any questions the rising freshman had.

While this group was on the tour, the others were either visiting the Club Fair or in the computer labs. After 35 minutes, the groups rotated.

The Launch ended around noon and students were given the opportunity to walk around the school on their own to walk their schedule or ask any additional questions.

“I think the Pride Launch went really well. I believe that the student Liaisons did a really good job escorting students around, showing them our school and just getting them excited about being new students here,” said Ms. Karol, counselor and adviser for the Leesville Liaisons.



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