Hooray for FCA!

Mr. Eaton has previous experience as a guidance counselor in elementary school, and his wife is a guidance counselor as well.
Leesville’s FCA gathers at Tabernacle Baptist Church as Madelyn Hayes, sophomore, describes that night’s game. FCA meets every other Monday night from 7-8:30.

Over 30 Leesville Road High School students gathered at Tabernacle Baptist Church on Monday, Sept. 10 for the first FCA meeting of the 2012-2013 school year.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is the largest Christian sports organization in the world. The purpose of the club is challenge students, coaches and teachers to go deeper in their walk with Christ and bring the word into their schools.

The group is led mainly by students and student athletes, with the help of the coaches and staff, who are invested in reaching the other students who do not yet know God.

This year’s goal for Leesville’s FCA is to reach out to more students and be more involved in school events. The club plans to attend sporting events throughout the year and eventually participate in a service project, although they have yet to decide which one.

A typical FCA meeting begins with food, provided by a local hurch in Raleigh, NC. Directly following, the group plays a game to break the ice. After the worship set consisting of 2-3 songs, a speaker, selected by the officers, talks to the group of students.

“FCA is a great opportunity to meet with other people that want to learn more about God and Jesus, and get to know who they are and be able to learn about them. When you’re in school, not many people put that out there so it’s a good way to meet other people who have the same beliefs as you,” said Hunter Cornelius, senior.

FCA meets every second and fourth monday of each month from 7-8:30 at Tabernacle Baptist Church, on Leesville Road.


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