Fresh start for freshmen

A group of freshmen enjoy their lunch. This year’s freshmen number over 700.
A group of freshmen enjoy their lunch. This year’s freshmen number over 700.

Aug. 27 marked the start of the school year and the start of a new experience for the class of 2016.

“[High school] definitely exceeded my expectations,” said Alex Sohn. Sohn, who attended Leesville Road Middle School last year, expected high school to be much harder than what she underwent on her first day.

“I was a little bit nervous for the workload, but other than that, I wasn’t too nervous at all. I was more excited than anything,” said Sohn.

Anthony Roa, freshman, had similar feelings.

“I was a little bit nervous. I actually asked a lot of people, ‘How was high school for freshmen?’ and they said it was pretty cool, so I sort of got off my nerves,” said Roa.

Sara McCauley, another freshman, said, “I was really nervous at first because I thought I was going to get lost, but I really didn’t.”

Roa looks most forward to the classes high school offers — Aerospace specifically.

When asked what she looks forward to most, McCauley gave a similar answer.

“[The] different classes and electives, because in middle school you have to do what they tell you — take the classes that they tell you — but in high school you can do kind of what you want,” said McCauley.

Cara Press, on the other hand, had a much less academic-centered answer.

“Definitely the football games. That’s what I’m most excited for because that’s going to be fun,” said Press.

Sohn is already thinking about her future after high school.

“[I’m looking forward to] getting all the grades that I want, to go to the college I want to go to,” said Sohn.

Both Sohn and Press agree when asked how high school differs from middle school: It’s better.

“You get a lot more freedom,” said Press.

“I thought it was going to be much scarier… but it ended up being very good,” Sohn said.

Whether looking forward to the classes or sports, this year’s freshmen seem to be enjoying high school.


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