The roommate survival guide


Whether you live in a dorm, apartment, barrack or decide to take a year of “self-discovery”, the  task of peacefully living with someone else is difficult. To help you seniors out, I spoke to reputable, intelligent college students and came up with a list of rules to ensure your companionship is enjoyable.

1. Be Chill. No one likes an overprotective, controlling roommate. It’s okay to have boundaries, but don’t be annoying. Compromise is very important. Tell your roommate things that you think may bother them and solve your issues. Moving out of your house is stressful enough without having to deal with pleasing your roommate.

2. Be Considerate. Girls, don’t blow-dry your hair early in the morning for class. If you have an early morning class, just wake up and go- no one cares what you look like. Guys, don’t eat your roommates food, no matter how hungry you are. No exceptions.

3. Be Fair. Don’t get mad at your roommate for something and turn around and do it yourself. Not only is that immature, but that’s a quick way to lose your roommate. Hold your roommates to the same standards you hold yourself.

4. Be Optimistic. Take chances! These years are meant for you to make mistakes and more importantly, make memories. Don’t be a negative Nelly! See what your roommate’s interests are and try to incorporate them with your own.

5. Be Social. Go out with your roommate often. Grab lunch, go to a party, or walk to class. The better you and your roommate get along, the better off you’ll be. Meet new people and make new friends. You don’t want to get tired of your roommate, so make sure you have other people to hangout with when you need to get away.

6. Be Hygienic. Don’t be grody. Do your laundry, keep your things neat and clean and keep yourself clean, too. Your roommate won’t want to be around someone grimey, and neither will you.

7. Be Genuine. Don’t be fake. If you have a problem with your roommate, deal with it amongst yourselves. Talking about your roommate to other people will create unnecessary drama for both of you. You are graduating high school and that requires maturity.

8. Be Honest. Do not steal anything from your roommate. Trust is an essential factor of living with a roommate. There will be many times when you are not in your room, house, barrack, or dorm and your roommate is. All of your belongings are in there from clothes to electronics, or money and food. Stealing from your roommate is a recipe for disaster. Locking things up and keeping track of every possession you have is annoying and ridiculous. I can’t express enough how important this is.

Congratulations Class of 2012! I hope these rules help you during the struggle of living with someone else. Stay classy, seniors.


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