Tue. Jul 5th, 2022
Members of Anonymous protest SOPA and PIPA, bills in the US Congress that would have contributed to internet censorship.

Anonymous [uh-non-uh-muhs] n.: of unknown name; whose name is withheld: an anonymous author.

Everyone knows what it means to be anonymous. But what does that term mean in today’s day and age?

For a few years now, Anonymous has referred to the loosely knit collective of individual semi-anarchist hackers working together to further Internet freedom and limiting government corruption.

Organization and level of hierarchical authority are non-existent to the anonymous collective. Operations can be started by anyone, and those who believe in the cause will join to assist the cause by helping plan, DDoSing, or Doxing selected targets. Proponents collaborate on Internet Relay Chat (IRC), as well as through several popular Anonymous Twitter and Youtube accounts. The operations themselves are carried out mostly in secret, with the methods used unknown till the damage has been done.

The goals behind anonymous operations often include lashing out at a person or organization who says or does something that is against the anonymous doctrine. The ideals of Anonymous pertain to universal freedom for all humankind, and the eviction of corrupt political and corporate leaders.  They try not to meddle with governmental affairs, but will strike at any politician who shows arrogance or audacity. This most recently includes the attacks attempting to take down or discredit pro-SOPA corporations, including Sony, CBS, and Scholastic Inc.

The current goals of Anonymous are constantly shifting. Past operations include everything from attacking foreign governments to the current quest of taking down the Internet. Every month I will publish the current news on what’s happening in the world of the Anonymous Collective.

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