Fri. Aug 19th, 2022
Scootering is as indispensable form of transportation in many places around the world. In the US however, scootering is more a source of fun.

At Leesville Road High School, scootering has struck as an indispensable form of fun.

Yes, a recent group of students, led by Connor Blevins and Garrett Peebles, have started a group, a club, and some may even say a cult of scooterers.

“We call ourselves the Scooter Squad 919,” said Anne Cushman, junior and recent squad member.

Contacting one of the leaders was no easy feat.

“They are practically the Bono and the McJagger of the scootering world,” added Cushman. “We are always wowed when they come join us for our scootering ventures.”

The odds were in my favor, however, and I landed an interview with Connor Blevins, senior.

I approached the classroom, my notebook and pencil in hand, as a bundle of nerves, anxious to speak with the fearless leader of such an inspirational bunch.

He exited the classroom with a cool and collected swagger, as if he knew of his accomplishments but maintained a level of humility and normal person-ness.

He told his story in a calm voice.

“As a young child, I thoroughly enjoyed the art of scootering. It was my release, my escape from the woes of the real world of a 7 year old. I established a lengthy collection of 8 scooters. Sadly, the pressures of the real world pushed my devotion away as I grew up. A few weeks ago, I became sick of it. I refused to let the real world inhibit my true joy of scootering, and my friend Garrett Peebles agreed. We went for a glorious joyride, and the scootering spark was back in me–I needed more.”

In order to never miss a scootering opportunity, Blevins placed a scooter in his car.

“Then, one day, I was at a women’s soccer game. Due to thunder, the game was cancelled, but I knew the fun for the night wasn’t over. I took out the scooter, and then everyone wanted to go and get their scooters. Jacob Trundle, Anne Cushman and Rachel Radulovich joined, and the craze expanded. Jordan Arata also joined,” added Blevins.

Such a glorious group is forever growing and the scooterers are not to be stopped.

If you see them on the street, steer clear. They are a force not to be reckoned with.

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