Release your inner evil


Evilego is a new upstart of a social network that takes a whole new twist on the goals of its users. Evilego members are challenged to complete missions, consisting of various actions designed to take you out of your comfort zone and have you do things you normally wouldn’t do.

After posting a photo or video about a completed mission on a Twitter-like feed, other users vote on your submission, and you are awarded Evil Bucks based on your number of upvotes. You can also “follow” other members, similar to Twitter, and your followers will receive posts that you make that aren’t related to any mission.

The interest behind this concept comes from allowing people to think out of the box. Routine lives can be shaken up with interesting operations meant to be fun and exciting to the participants. This seems redundant, as anyone can go do whatever fun things they want whenever they want to, but Evilego provides an extra incentive by allowing you to share your experiences with others, and be rewarded for it.

The Evil Bucks you earn can be used to purchase clothing and other gear for your avatar, which is initially completely blank. This incentive, coupled with the type of missions offered, is an attempt to make life more into a game, where you can do things out of the ordinary and be rewarded for it.

Evilego is currently in closed beta, and members of the beta are randomly chosen after submitting an email. Invites may also be given to active members, allowing them to have other people join.


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