Leesville falls in love with Kiss Me, Kate!

On April 18 through April 21 Leesville’s theater department performed the musical Kiss Me, Kate. The performance wowed Leesville students, parents and faculty alike.

The show started out a little slow, but the plot picked up and turned into an engaging dialogue. Kyle Taylor, senior, played Mr. Graham, the main character, who tries to win back the affection of Mrs. Vanessi played by Alicia Reid. Mr. Graham and Mrs. Vanessi are in a heated conflict throughout the play and eventually Mrs. Vanessi leaves the play only to come back at the last second for a passionate embrace.

The production was actually quite comical, especially when actors Julian Taylor and John Wolfe stepped on the stage playing gangsters who hassle Mr. Graham to repay on alleged IOU. Laughter erupted from the auditorium when the audience caught a glimpse of the goofy attire and heard the witty puns perfectly executed by the two actors.

Leesville’s pit orchestra, which is made up of band and orchestra students, was also a big part of the production. They made a huge impact on the play delivering outstanding audio to complement the vocals of the actors.

A highlight of the whole show was a trumpet solo by Sam Massimilla. He played an original riff that caused the crowd to erupt in applause.

Although the actors were on point with their lines, the sound crew had a couple of mistakes, making a few of the lines difficult to understand.

Overall, these few flaws did not detract from the experience and energy involved as a member of the audience.


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