Fri. Aug 19th, 2022
Senior scholars, those graduating with over a 4.2 GPA, are individually recognized and enjoy their breakfast in the middle of the cafeteria. All other honor roll students sit around the scholars and enjoy their breakfast, too.

Every year, honor roll students are recognized and congratulated for their academic achievement during an honor roll ceremony. First, the juniors and seniors are excused from their first periods and go to the cafeteria to enjoy a free breakfast, courtesy of the PTSA.

“I really like the breakfast because it gives us a nice break from classes,” Mallory Borris, junior, said.

First, the juniors and seniors were called out of their first period classes, receiving a certificate of achievement along with a name tag that said, “2012 Academic Excellence Celebration.” Everyone stood in line for their donuts, chicken minis, muffins and fruit. The senior scholars were seated in the middle of the cafeteria at blue tables. They were recognized individually for their academic achievement– graduating with over a 4.2 GPA. All other honor roll students sat around the scholars and enjoyed their breakfast aswell.

Concluding his speech for the senior scholars, Dr. Mutillo said, “One thing I regret the most is not being around long enough to really get to know you guys [the seniors.]”

Once the full, happy seniors and juniors went back to their first periods, the freshmen and sophomores had their turn.

“I liked getting a break from class to eat a good breakfast and talk with my friends. I also liked meeting the new principal and seeing what he had to say,” Carter McDowell, freshman, said.

“I think anytime we can celebrate student accomplishments is a great thing,” Ms. Golden said.

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