Kaighn Kevlin kills classes, ranks third among 2012 grades

In the race for valedictorian and salutatorian, there can only be two who don their respective titles. There is no bronze for third place and hardly any recognition compared to the top two. This year’s runner up for the runner up is the one and only Kaighn Kevlin.

Kaighn, however, is content with his final spot in the class of 2012. “I get this awesome article, and I don’t have to give a speech at the graduation ceremony,” said Kevlin.

On top of that, Kaighn received the Benjamin & Duke scholarship giving him a “full ride” to Duke University. This scholarship is worth approximately $250,000 in tuition, board and several enrichment opportunities in the future.

Kaighn placed behind Larry Han and Justin Palpant in the final semester of their high school careers with a cumulative GPA of 5.0. Some of the most brilliant minds in LRHS history can be found fighting it out at the top of their class.

Some students may enjoy math, English or other common classes in the school. Kaighn, however, takes pride in his knowledge of economics. It is one of his favorite subjects although it is rarely taught at LRHS. He looks to study economics at Duke, so don’t be surprised if you see him working the stock market in ten years.

The straight-A student’s hardest class was AP US History while Computer Applications 1 was his easiest. His favorite teacher was Mr. Broer. “No comment,” said Kevlin.

Kaighn’s favorite movie is Will Ferrell’s Anchorman, a popular comedy. Kaighn’s sense of humor makes him stand out in  the class.

By the time he dies, he really wants to eat a taco 12-pack from Taco Bell, a difficult challenge indeed. It’s not all giggles for this intelligent student. In twenty years, he plans to have inducted himself in the National Football Hall of Fame after a long and impressive career in the NFL as an elite quarterback.

Kaighn is a funny guy to say the least. However, his focus has always been learning. Each one of his thirty courses was a well-fought battle to maintain the A average. Kaighn has come to some close calls in the past. Several times he found himself at a high-B midway through semesters.

“If I find myself in that situation, I just do better,” said Kevlin. “Once I get above that 92.5 hump, I tend to stay there.”

He makes it sound easier than it really is.

Other seniors in the class enjoy having Kaighn as a role model and a friend.

The third-place finisher is also interested in Spanish. He is taking AP Spanish at the moment and holds the Secretario position in Spanish National Honor Society.

When he moves into Duke, he will be looking to spend much time in his dorm studying for his classes. Kaighn wants to keep his A streak alive throughout his college career. Learning will be all that matters to this young scholar.

Attending Duke in itself is very prestigious. To have a full ride is unbelievable. It will be quite interesting to see where Kaighn ends up in a few years.

“My one last word for the students of Leesville is ‘Luck’,” said Kevlin.


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