Hope Reilly in the spotlight


In the Fall semester of the 2011-2012 school year, Hope Reilly, senior, was enrolled in Mrs. Covington’s creating writing class. Little did she know, by the end of the 18 weeks, she would achieve something she never even thought possible.

“I had my students write a one-act play to be entered into The Burning Coal Theater Kidswrite competition,” said Mrs. Covington. The original plays had to be less than 45 pages and turned in by March 1, 2012. Anyone in middle school or high school could enter.

Hesitant, Reilly composed a play based on a free-write she had done previously that semester. She put a creative spin on it by using a janitor’s point of view rather than the typical main character narrating it.

When the time came to select the winners, Reilly’s name was called. Reilly said her first reaction to her winning was “why not Gray?” Gray Sotir, senior, had been the anticipated winner of the contest because he is a great writer.

“I think I’m most excited to go see the play. I get to meet with the director and help with the casting process,” said Reilly. Mrs. Covington, too, was very excited that Reilly will be a part of the process.

“It’s funny, Hope couldn’t even stand creative writing and she was the one who ended up winning. The class was very supportive of her. We practiced it in class and everyone gave verbal feedback,” said Mrs. Covington.

Even though Reilly never anticipated to win the contest, she is ecstatic about the outcome and can’t wait to see her one-act play performed on stage.


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