Chorus department puts on another great show

Capital Pride joined hands when they sang Afternoon on a Hill. This was a very emotional song and most of the seniors on stage were in tears.
Capital Pride joined hands when they sang Afternoon on a Hill. This was a very emotional song and most of the seniors on stage were in tears.

On Friday, May 4, 2012, the choral department had their spring concerts at 4:30 and 7:30. They were directed by Diane Covington with help from Dr. Jeffrey Maynard, student teacher. Megan Yohman, a previous Leesville graduate and elementary teacher, accompanied the choral groups on the piano.

The concert began with a song performed by all three choral groups. They were scattered in the aisles and on the stage when they sang “Down in the River to Pray.” The next group to take the stage was beginning chorus. They performed five songs, including “Sinnuh Man” and “Down by the Sally Gardens.”

“This was my senior year, and my first year in chorus,” says Brandon Baker, who is in beginning. “It was a really great experience for me, and I’m going to miss it when I leave. I wish I would’ve joined earlier.”

The next group on stage were All the Women’s Voices. They sang “Heart We Will Forget Him,” a very slow song. Then, they transitioned into the upbeat “Shoop Shoop Song”, ending in poses and blowing kisses to the audience.

“Mrs. Covington just wanted us to have fun. The first girl’s song was serious and brokenhearted, and then we went straight into the fast upbeat song. At the end of the song she just told us to do whatever we wanted,” says Amanda Duckett, a junior.

Intermediate chorus took the stage afterwards. They sang five different songs including “Hear My Prayer” and “Dreams of Thee.”

Next was the men’s piece. They sang two songs, but clapping wasn’t allowed in between. They were called “Songs of a Young Man”– the first was “When I was One-And Twenty,” and the second was “Loveliest of Trees, The Cherry Now.” It was a story about the progression of one man’s life, which is why they wanted silence in between.

The most emotional group to take the stage was Capital Pride. Many seniors were moved to tears during a few of these songs, especially “Good Night, Dear Heart.”

“All of Capital Pride held hands during ‘Afternoon on a Hill.’ I’m a junior, so I wasn’t as sad about it. It was just a nice moment where we could enjoy the music and hold hands. It was probably the most emotional for the seniors, because most of them an about have of the audience was crying,” said Amanda.

After this was the senior recognition. Every senior in all three choral groups stepped up to the microphone and told their name, where they are going next year, and what they’ll major in. The groups also presented Mrs. Covington and Dr. Maynor with gifts. Dr. Maynor was given a poster made up of all of Capital Pride’s pictures, and Mrs. Covington was given a basket full of spa items and a gift card to a spa.

Hannah Duckett, a junior in Capital Pride, really enjoyed this concert. “I felt like the 7:30 was the best concert I’ve ever been a part of. It was so emotional, and I felt like everyone sounded amazing.”


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