Crocs making a comeback

The versatile rubber shoe is slowly making a comeback. Crocs revenue from 2011 is reached approximately $1 billion.
The versatile rubber shoe is slowly making a comeback. Crocs revenue from 2011 is reached approximately $1 billion.

Despite many prejudices, Crocs have infinite potential. Some believe the versatile and conventional shoe has gone “out of style,” but certain Leesville students are attempting to bring the fad back.

Although Crocs might lack that fashionable appeal, the rubber shoe has all sorts of uses to make up for it. For one, the material allows the person to wear the shoes in practically any weather. The shoe, also, is studded with holes all around making it perfect for those hot summer days.

“Crocs are just an all around good shoe. Last week the soccer team had ‘croc day, game day.’ Slowly we are going to bring crocs back,” said Mackenzie Dipper, freshman.

Crocs leave the wearer with a kaleidoscope of options. You can wear them with or without socks. There is also the option of the handy heel support for more rigorous activities. Or perhaps the owner is in a hurry, then they can just slip on the shoe and go without missing a beat.

Newspaper’s own Brendan Marks is a strong advocate for Crocs. “They’re comfortable, practical, convenient– really everything you could ask for in a shoe. It’s a shame they’re so underappreciated because they deserve better,” said Marks.

Crocs come in a multitude of styles. Marks’ favorite is the Croc Flop. A less desirable choice, but an option nonetheless. Some different styles include: flip flops, flats, open-toed, fur lined, and of course the original Croc design. Crocs are also available in an array of colors and patterns.

If you are looking for a way to spice up your Crocs, jibbitz are the way to go. Jibbitz are little pieces that you can insert into the holes of the shoe. They allow the owner to make their Crocs a little more personal. Thousands and thousands of jibbitz are at the Croc-wearer’s disposal.

Some, however, are not impressed by the shoe. Brenda Ijeomah, senior, said, “Crocs are just gross. Why would you wear shoes that are all rubber? It is just a bad fashion decision all around.”

Crocs are often described an unstylish with their odd structure and thick rubber material dotted with holes.

The question remains, should you go with the cozy, versatile shoe or a more fashionable, uncomfortable option? The choice is yours.


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