The final registration for the class of 2013


The time for Leesville Road High School’s juniors to register for their 2012-2013 classes has finally arrived. Selecting eight primary classes and three alternate classes may seem pointless to some, but in reality, those little check marks can help to mold the rest of these students’ lives.

After reviewing the graduation requirements, rising seniors are encouraged to meet with their teachers to discuss classes that they are well qualified for.

On the days of February 28, 29, and March 1, all juniors met with their counselors in small groups to determine which classes to actually take for their senior year. This is the last high school class registration for rising seniors.

Jared Shatz, junior, said, “Signing up for classes for the last time is really bittersweet. It’s weird to think that the next time I register for classes, it’ll be for college.”

Sam Massimilla, junior, said, “I’m bummed that it is all coming to an end because I really like high school. I’ve made so many great memories and friends, it’s going to be hard to leave,” said Massimilla. “Still, I’m excited that college is up next, and choosing classes for senior year is the first step.”

On March 7, SPAN opens up for students to officially register for next year’s classes. However, class requests submitted into SPAN do not guarantee enrollment.

Rising seniors have first priority in choosing their classes to ensure that their schedules meet all expectations.

Senior class registration is the first step in leaving Leesville Road High School. The rising seniors may not be there yet, but signing up for their final classes at marks the beginning of the end for the high school experience.


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