Prom Dress Drive


Because of movies and television, almost every girl dreams that one night when she can dress up, look beautiful, and stand side by side her prince charming. Thanks to Pearl’s Closet that may become a reality for less fortunate teenagers.

Pearl’s Closet is hosting a Prom Dress Drive, where they are collecting dresses to give to girls in low income families. There are various locations around Raleigh collecting the dresses from February 1-April 1.

“Just like a strand of pearls, each young lady is a delicate precious jewel deserving the opportunity to attend any school or public event in grace and style. Due to high cost and expenses related to attending the prom, many young ladies miss the opportunity to experience a night of their lifetime,” reads Pearl’s Closet mission statement.

Donors can drop of dresses and gently used jewelry at a Best Western on Capital Blvd., East Garner Middle School, Garner High School, and Windsor at Tryon Village Office in Cary. Upon arrival, you contact the front office and someone will take your donations.

“I think it is a great idea,” said Kordell Draper, junior. “A lot of people will never wear their prom dress again, so why not. It is a great way for girls to give away their prom dress and feel good about themselves.”

Sydney O’Brien, junior, agreed. She said, “Going to prom can be very expensive ordeal. Every girl, whether she admits it or not, wants to go to prom, and this is a great way to help out those who might not have been able to go.”

While looking at prom dresses of the past, consider donating them. Help out and give it to Pearl’s Closet. A less fortunate girl will receive it and just maybe see can have the night of her life as well.


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