Nails are the appropriate place for lots of color

Colorful nails are a sure sign of spring. But when is there too much color?
Colorful nails are a sure sign of spring. But when is there too much color?

Wandering around Leesville, it is hard not to notice a trend circulating amongst the females. With spring quickly approaching, bright bold colors are commonly found on many girls’ nails. Pinks, purples, oranges and blues adorn the carefully cut cuticles of these females. However, this new trend adds another pop of color to the already color popping nails.

Recently, females have have started painting four out of their five nails one eye catching color. The last one they paint an entirely different, yet complimentary color. For example, Nicole Vlanich, junior, has each finger painted purple, but her ring finger is painted red.

“I paint my fingers like this to do something different. Everyone paints their nails the same way, and this way makes me unique,” said Vlanich.

Miranda Miller, senior, has mixed feelings about this trend.

“Its kind of weird. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes they just mix weird colors, and they can’t pull it off. I saw someone once with yellow and baby pink, and it just didn’t go. Some people just don’t know how to match colors,” said Anne. “But Nicole can definitely pull it off.”

Like most trends, it originated from the stars. No, not the inter-galactic Star Trek stars, the stars of Hollywood. At the recent “Only the Brave” NYC Diesel Fragrance Launch Event, The City‘s Erin Lucas accented her bold turquoise manicure with taxi cab yellow middle fingers that matched her toes. Although it might not be appropriate for a well-to-do event, the look definitely made a bold statement and made her look unforgettable.

Locally though, this trend is less a bold statement rather than a fun thing to try for spring. Bright colors are never a bad thing as long as they are in the right place, and this spring, the right place is on your nails.


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