Man-cans: an innovative option for gifts for men

Man cans are candles for men. They are an original, creative idea for gifts for those hard to buy for people.
Man cans are candles for men. They are an original, creative idea for gifts for those hard to buy for people.

Searching for the perfect birthday present for a guy is never easy. A nice watch or wallet is too expensive for some budgets and a key chain is too cheap. With a birthday quickly approaching for my guy, I was forced into this difficult dilemma.

Searching online, I was introduced to something that seemed like a smart, innovative idea. is a company created by a guy, selling products for guys. The twist is that these products are, well, candles. Manly smelling candles.

“I started my company in November of 2010 based on a unique idea that came to me when my sister was selling candles for a school fundraiser.  The thought ‘Why don’t people sell candles with scents that men like?’ I took this idea and ran with it,” wrote Hart Main in the “My Company” section of the man can website.

The interesting part of all this? Hart Main was 13 years old when he started the company.

Initially the only scents available were the basics, like freshly cut grass, bacon, sawdust and campfire. Since 2010, Main has expanded to selling other smells like hot cocoa, coffee, gun powder, and grandpa’s pipe.

I chose the campfire scent for my first man-can purchase.

These candles are also for a good cause. Instead of the generic glass jar to hold the candle, Main opted for the more masculine soup can. And instead of wasting all the soup in each can, or being wasteful and making new cans, he gave the soup to families that needed the food. Hence the slogan: “one candle, one meal.” Helpful for families and for the environment!

All this seemed like an awesome idea, but actually ordering the product was not so easy. The price on the website stated each candle costs $9.50, but when you purchase it the company automatically adds a $2 handling fee. Then the cheapest option for shipping is priority mail, which was about 5 dollars. So really, the candle cost almost 17 dollars. Luckily I was alright with spending that much, so I continued with my purchase and hit the “submit order” button.

Shipping was another issue entirely. I am not sure what “priority mail” service they use, but it was anything but priority. I got the package almost an entire week after I ordered it, with few updates from the website nor the shipping company.

After I received the candle, I was impressed with its real life campfire aroma. The birthday boy was very happy with his gift, but I will remember to be wary about the cost and shipping.

All in all, man cans are a quality product that are sure to impress. Just be careful with the shipping time, and realize that the advertised cost of $9.50 is deceiving– you will actually end up paying about $17 when it’s all said and done.


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