Leesville’s LAX-ers get crushed by Broughton

Peter Klavins, senior, plays midfield for Leesville’s Lacrosse team.
Peter Klavins, senior, plays midfield for Leesville’s Lacrosse team.

On Friday, March 16, Leesville’s up and coming lacrosse team traveled to Boughton to battle their way through their 5th game.

The game ended in an 11-0 shut out from the Broughton.

“We played really well in the first quarter. We held the ball and we maintained possession, which was our game plan,” said Matt Conrad, sophomore and goalie.

The first quarter ended with a tie score of 0-0.

“After Broughton scored their first goal, we fell apart. During the second quarter our morale crumbled and Broughton scored four goals,” added Conrad, shaking his head.

During Coach Fullbright’s extensive half time speech, he congratulated the defense on their playing skills and told the team to keep their heads up because Broughton was really good.

In the third quarter, Broughton only scored one goal. This was probably due to the fact that all of Broughton’s starters were out, and their second string players in.

“We kind of gave up during the fourth quarter. All of our best players were really tired, so we put in our second and third string. Our third string against their second string obviously was not a fair match,” said Conrad.

Broughton (or Broughton’s second string) scored six goals in the last quarter.

The loss didn’t seem to dampen the Leesville LAX-ers spririts, however.

“We knew Broughton was a really good team so didn’t set our expectations too high. It would have been nice to score a goal or two, but at least we didn’t go into the game expecting a win. That would have been embarrassing,” added Conrad.

Right Conrad, that’s when an 11-0 shut out would have been embarrassing.

This loss brought their season record to a 2-3, with wins against Enloe and Northern Durham, and losses against Heritage, Green Hope and now Broughton.

“We are definitely improving each game,” said Conrad, “and that’s what keeps us going.”


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