Sat. Aug 13th, 2022
About 20 parents attended the parent meeting. Everyone had the opportunity to speak, and they all had something to input.

In light of Mr. Lyons shifting to Enloe High School, the selection process for the new principal of Leesville has begun.

Before the Wake County Administration begins reviewing applicants, they have decided to hold several input sessions. On February 22, Dr. Pam Kinsey-Barker, the Northern Area Superintendent,  hosted an input session  at the school for parents to attend in the school media center. The Area Superintendent’s job is to supervise and keep organized all the school in their area, similar to how the principal would supervise all of the teachers in their school. Earlier that day, another session had been held for teachers, and on Friday, February 24, sessions were held during all three lunches for Leesville students.

The attendants at all the sessions mentioned a lot of the same characteristics. The community at Leesville wants a communicative and energetic principal who shares information with the public. The students themselves wanted a principal who could develop a good reputation, as well as personal connections with the students.

The attendants of the meetings themselves all agree that it was important for the school to accept input.

“It’s critical for those choosing the new principal to hear from the people in the school,” said Jane Patterson, PTA President.

The potential new principals will be interviewed by the area director over the next few months, and the results will be in after the Wake County School board accepts the decision, sometime in April or May.

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