Sun. Aug 14th, 2022
At National Latin Honor Society inductions, Dominic Sirkin, senior, speaks as a part of the club’s first ever meeting. In the future, students will present demonstrations on the ancient world and make food using ancient recipes.

On Thursday, February 23, the National Latin Honor Society held inductions for the first time in the history of Leesville Road.

Dr. Mash, Latin teacher and NLHS advisor, said, “Just as Spanish did several years ago, we are proud to have created a formal organization that recognizes the hard work students put into Latin at LRHS.”

Following in the footsteps of the Spanish National Honor Society, NLHS requires students to have earned at least 2 A’s and a B in the first three Latin courses at Leesville as well as being enrolled in Latin IV.

Rachel Jeffries, junior and inductee, said, “After all of the Latin I’ve taken, it’s nice to be rewarded and included in an honors club.”

During inductions, students lit candles, received certificates written in Latin and recited Latin verses as a way to pledge their allegiance.

Dr. Mash explained that in the future, not all meetings will be this way. “Inductions were our first ever meeting, so now we have to see where we want to go from here,” said Mash. “Our goal is for meetings to be a place where students can learn more about the ancient world and immerse themselves in the culture of the times.”

Grace Dorman, junior and fellow inductee, said, “Ever since I was a freshman, Latin is something I’ve been a part of. It’s nice that we finally have a club where we can stay involved with language as well as keeping in touch with one another; I’m excited National Latin Honor Society is finally here.”

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