Underclassmen revamp dance


Due to the lack of ticket sales, this year’s Winterfest Dance was cancelled, but there will still be a Winterfest assembly–Feb. 24.

“I’m disappointed because we stayed after school and made decorations, but I’m also slightly relieved because we don’t have to stay after school everyday and try and cram it all last minute,” Emily Yoo, sophomore, said.

Executive Student Council was in charge of decorating and planning the dance. While the cancellation brings disappointment to Exec Council, it gives a break to its members.

“I’m definitely upset that the dance is cancelled, but it gives us a break. We do a lot of service project throughout the year, and we are always very busy,” Ingred Chin, junior, said.

The freshmen and sophomore class councils are trying to put together an underclassmen spring dance. “It will be in mid-April probably. It’s going to be at the school almost identical to how the Winterfest dance was supposed to be,” Claudia Kennedy, sophomore class president, said.

Ticket sales were short by 114 tickets. Hopefully next year the idea of attending the Winterfest Dance will be more popular.


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