Mon. Jul 4th, 2022
The promotional video begins with a highlight of the East building wall. The video took an entire semester to complete.

The administration recently decided there was a need to appeal to prospective students who would be choosing their high schools from now on . A compilation of clips, edited by Jason Korreck, CTE teacher, shows off the best of the Pride.

“We wanted to promote Leesville Road and all the things that go on here to all the prospective students and family,” said Korreck.

The project began last semester when Scott Lyons, principal, approached Korreck with the idea of creating a video for prospective teenagers by students. They envisioned a video similar to professional university advertisements during NCAA football or basketball games.

“We realized there was going to be school choice by parents,” said Korreck. “We thought the idea of a promotional video would be a good way of presenting the school.”

Korreck oversaw three classes of Digital Media 1 as they proceeded through the process of taking and editing their own clips.

“The students broke into pairs and were assigned specific topics about Leesville such as math or spring sports,” said Korreck. “Each team created a 3 to 5 minute presentation. I, then, took the best of those clips to create our final product.”

The video, approximately seven minutes long, summarizes every aspect of the school and all departments. Clips of the highlights are played consecutively along with an original song produced by John Wolfe, senior.

“I was very pleased with the final product,” said Korreck. “Everyone did an excellent job under a tight deadline. They succeeded in capturing the essence of the Pride.”


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