Mon. Jul 4th, 2022
The men’s golf team poses after their state championship win at Pinecrest last year. Grayson Murray (back middle) has now left the team.

The Men’s Golf team has much to prove in this make-or-break season coming off of last year with a state championship title. Now that their best player has graduated, how will the golfers rebound to make this season count?

“We just need to keep doing what we’re doing,” said Carter Jenkins, junior. “Working hard and playing the game is really all you can do to keep your mind mentally sound and focused.”

The answer is not always that easy, though. Statistically, the team has lost last year’s number one golfer, Grayson Murray, to his ambitions. He graduated early this past month to pursue a professional career.

“I am gonna miss mainly the skill he contributed to the team,” said Jenkins. “He was a key part of

With the top roster spot open, Jenkins is one of the many students looking to replace Murray this season. The most capable players of replacing Murray are Jenkins and Larry Han, senior. Both are equipped with years of experience and natural talent.

“As the lone senior, I think I have something to prove to the team,” said Han. “My goal is to clinch the number one spot and hopefully go onto win the individual and team state championship.”

The roster is open to new members and may define the team going into future seasons. As the coach, Mr. Hunt’s job is to find underclassmen to replace the graduating seniors. He has difficulty replacing the state champs, though.

“We were fortunate last year to have such great players,” said Hunt. “That’s why we did so well at states. We will miss Jon [Noble] and Grayson, but we we’ll have enough talent with Carter and Larry to be competitive this year. Other players will probably step it up and get more experience as the season progresses.”

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