Fri. Aug 19th, 2022
The two top design winners for Project Hallway will be displayed in the CTE case for the month of January. The designers, and their models, are pictured and recognized for their accomplishment.

Students in Apparel I classes are participating in an organized competition by Mrs. Blackwelder: Project Hallway. The name is a spin of the Lifetime Network’s Project Runway, a reality show about designers competing for their own clothes line.

“Using the information student learned about the principles and elements of design, students created a sketch of an outfit they would like to create.  Once all the sketches were completed, teams were formed and sketches were voted on.  After a plan was made, students reviewed skills they learned in apparel, such as taking body measurements and reducing bulk, to create their outfits,” Mrs. Blackwelder, apparel teacher, explains.

On December 21, the last day before Winter Break, Project Runway contestants wore their designs and walked through six classrooms. Students voted on their favorite. Those few favorites were judged by Mr. Espinal, Mrs. Canada, and Mrs. Brammer. The top two designs are displayed in the CTE display case for the month of January and will possibly be displayed through February.

“It was a lot of work, but everyone on my team worked really hard and it paid off,” Renae Barker, sophomore, said.

Mrs. Blackwelder’s apparel class was the first to participate in Project Hallway. After the project was done, the students all agreed that they enjoyed it and it was a good learning experience. Students created outfits with their teammates completely on their own. They learned teamwork and problem-solving.

Mrs. Blackwelder said that the students ran into some difficulties making their outfits, but they solved their own problems. Mrs. Blackwelder only supervised. She was content with the project and plans to do it for her future classes.


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