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The survey is confidential and unbiased; it ends on December 30, 2011. Please only take the survey one time. Photo courtesy of

The WCPSS Office of Special Education Services (SES) is conducting a survey to assess the quality of school and district-level special education for the 19,000 students with disabilities currently enrolled in Wake County Public Schools.

SES has identified three specific purposes for the survey: “to identify the strengths and weaknesses of school-level and district-level special education services currently in place,
to asses the current levels of responsiveness and support provided to schools by the Office of Special Education Services, and to identify key areas of focus that will guide the development of the organization’s strategic plan for next year.”

Mrs. Swann, special education teacher, said, “Overall, I feel that the survey is worthwhile as it will shed light on areas that need to be improved, not just for Leesville, but for all WCPSS families.  For the majority of our parents, I think that Leesville, as a whole, does a great job of communicating with them and including the family as part of the team.”

The survey is completely unbiased and confidential.

“When making decisions about services given to students, I think it is a good idea to get input and data in order to make the best possible decision,” said Scott Lyons, LRHS principal.

The survey asks questions such as, “My child is an accepted member of the school community,” and the parent chooses from 1-5, 1 being strongly disagree, and 5 being strongly agree.

To spread the word about the survey, Lyons emailed parents and posted the link on the school’s website.

The survey will end on December 30, 2011. Only parents with special needs children should take the survey. To fill out the survey, click here.

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