Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
The Eurodam, a cruise ship on the Holland America Line, set sail from Fort Lauderdale on December 3, 2011. The food on the ship was incredible, including the desert extravaganza, pictured above.

When I learned of the plans to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday by going on a cruise I was ecstatic.  It wasn’t simply the fact that it was a cruise, but that it was on the Eurodam, one of the newest ships on the Holland America Line, which is very prestigious.

Parts of the cruise that many people raved about included the food and the cabins, which I can say were both amazing.  The presentation of the food was not at all lacking, but it was the taste that really blew me away.  Also, the meals every night were three courses, providing plenty of food for all.

The cabins were also nice, almost reminiscent of a luxury hotel room.  Cruise ship cabins are notoriously small, but the one on the Eurodam was plenty big enough with room for four.  The room was also quite tastefully decorated, with modern touches, such as TVs and many converted power outlets, placed into a more conservative base.

Of course, the cruise couldn’t be flawless, and some people always complain.  While the complaints were numerous, the ones that were most prominent were about the hallways and pools.  The hallways, while wide enough for two passing in opposite directions with bags, were “too small,” according to one disgruntled patron.  Also, the ship did not feel “cramped and claustrophobic,” as stated by another person.  The pools were also complained about and were being described as “large bathtubs” and “ponds.”  While they were a little on the small side, the pools we a lot larger than either of the aforementioned bodies of water, and were definitely more fun to be in.

My own personal criticism goes to the people who were on the cruise.  Being American myself, I know that at times we can come off as rude and inconsiderate.  Before I came on this cruise, however, I have never seen ruder.  The staff might be foreign, but they were extremely helpful and do not deserve the terrible treatment they received.  For example, there was a man who always stood by the door and put hand sanitizer on your hands.  This man was extremely kind and helpful, to me at least.  Unfortunately, this behavior was not reciprocated, as I saw more than one patron complaining about him.

Overall, the Eurodam is an amazing ship with lots of modern touches, while still remaining true to traditional Holland America by being conservative.  I just wish that the pools could be a little bigger, and more nice people could come on the cruises.  Other than that, however, the trip was amazing.

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