Tue. Jul 5th, 2022
Buffalo Brothers awaits customers from 7 AM to midnight everyday. The local chain moved directly from Buffalo, NY to this location off of Capital Boulevard.

When choosing a restaurant to dine at, it is imperative that the restaurant have a variety of food to choose from. Buffalo Brothers, a local chain restaurant, is always one of the best choices a diner could make.

Buffalo Brothers was born in 1997 to a pair of brothers who lived in Buffalo, New York. They hoped to change people’s taste buds. Through five years of development and persistence, the brothers develops a knockout menu full of burgers, wings and pizza.

They headed south to beat the cold and wound up in Cary where they sprouted their first of two local restaurants. Buffalo Brothers became a local favourite within two years and expanded out to Capital Boulevard.

Although the food is top of the line, the atmosphere of the facility is awesome. Televisions ranging anywhere from 20” to 60” decorate the walls and the bars. Football fans, hockey fans and general sports fans crowd the restaurant like a church on every week to watch the big game.

If one were not in the mood to cheer on a fan favorite or an underdog, then they could relocate to the diner portion of the restaurant or to the balcony. These sectors are more ideal for a family dinner so that the customer can sit down with someone special and talk among themselves.

Their menu consists of a mix of new and old recipes developed by the chefs at Buffalo Brothers. I decided on their famous pizza the evening I went there. I ordered their so-called “#1 seller” buffalo chicken pizza.

The only negative part about the night was the wait. When a restaurant has a thirty-minute wait just to get into it, they tend to also have a wait for food. It’s even worse when the smell of pizza drifts from the adjacent table.

Once I received my food, I dug in. The pizza was a thick-crusted, New York-styled dish covered in tomato sauce, buffalo wings, buffalo sauce and a mix of other toppings.

At first, I was disgusted that they would mix two of their most famous products. I thought wrong after tasting the first bite. The buffalo chicken was smoky, warm and juicy. The crispiness of the crust complemented the buffalo chicken in a way that enhanced the overall taste of the dish. I would give it a nine on a scale of ten.

Overall, though, I loved almost every feature I could see about the restaurant. Hopefully, they will continue to grow and expand into a well-known chain in the state of North Carolina.


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